Welcome to Rainbows for all Children, South Africa

Rainbows is currently the leading children’s charity of its kind in the world. Our sole reason for existence is to aid people, especially youth, through the difficult grieving process, at no cost to them or their families.

Every day, children are touched by emotional suffering caused by the death, divorce, relocation, incarceration, etc. of a loved one. While some children may be resilient, most do not escape without being emotionally scarred for life.

This is where Rainbows steps in to guide the children through the process of grief towards regaining their emotional balance and health.

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While the pain of loss cannot be avoided, the pain of loss doesn’t need to hurt forever.

Everyone has the right to express themselves in their own unique way, even children. However it is not acceptable to ‘act out’ by vandalizing property; harm or abuse other people or yourself; stealing and fighting; abuse drugs or alcohol and disrespect authority such as parents, teachers, etc.

If a child is ‘acting out’ it could very well be as a result of something traumatic that happened recently or many years ago. For instance, did the parents got divorced? Did someone very close to the child pass away, leave due to work requirements, being incarcerated or emigrate? Did the family relocate?

Children may be ‘acting out’ because they’ve not yet dealt with the emotions caused by a loss or separation. Rainbows’ programmes will help them by healing the emotional scars and restoring their emotional balance.

Guiding children and teens to emotional wellness and balance after loss.

All people experience loss and need someone they can trust to offer guidance as they negotiate the stages of grief. Life altering losses affect youth emotionally, socially, academically and behaviourally. Unresolved grief often leads to major risk behaviours such as substance abuse, violence and suicide.

Children who are ‘emotionally well’ are able to deal with life’s issues in an appropriate way. They will be able to function in society and engage meaningfully with other people and the world at large.

When children are ‘emotionally well’, they will cope with their fears, anger, sadness and pain in a non-destructive way. They will be aware of a wide range of emotions, their own and those of others, and be able to express and respect these emotions without causing harm to others, themselves or their environment.