Meeting the growing needs of children and adults struggling with loss depend on the continued efforts of volunteers, the ongoing collection of vital resources, and the consistent development of financial support.

You can help Rainbows continue to shine by sharing your purse, your time and, or your network.

Share your purse

Rainbows’ established and proven system that assists society to deal with its grief requires financial support from institutions and individuals.

Sponsor a Site

R5 000 will cover the costs to set up a site for 20 children and includes:

  • Training of 4 facilitators of which one will also receive coordinator’s training.
  • All the material used by the facilitators and coordinator.
  • All the material needed to facilitate the groups sessions (excluding the journals used by the children).

R25 000 will cover the costs to set up 5 sites that will accommodate 100 children and includes all the items per site as listed above.
Sites sponsored by individuals or companies will be named after the sponsor, e.g. The Smart Life site or the Willie Strydom site.

Sustain a Site

R1 000 will sustain 1 site (20 children) for one year and covers all costs e.g. new facilitator training and journals for all the children.

Help a Child

R50 will enable 1 child to go through a 12 week Rainbows programme.
R200 will enable 4 children to go through a 12 week Rainbows programme.
R500 will enable 10 children to go through a 12 week Rainbows programme.

A bonus in return for your investment

Rainbows’ National Director Dr Willie Strydom offers to do a presentation to staff of Companies that donate R1O OOO or more. His presentation will address any one of the following topics – Life through the eyes of a child:

  • The traumatized child;
  • The grieving child and/or
  • The importance of play.

Share your time

We all have skills, knowledge and experience that we can share. You don’t need to give money to enable Rainbows to heal the emotional pain of our youth. Make a difference by offering your time and expertise to assist Rainbows.

Are you a bookkeeper? We need your expertise! Do you know how to set up PC networks and which programs will best meet our administration needs? We need your knowledge! Do you know how to talk to people, arrange events and motivate people to get involved? We need your skills!

There are so many needs from Rainbows’ side, we cannot list them all! If you want to get involved, please contact us and we will be sure to put your talents, skills and knowledge to good use!

I want to share my time

Share your network

Rainbows is currently running initiatives to make the bridge that carries people from hurt to hope grow stronger and farther. Share an opportunity to make a Rainbows difference with your network by informing your employer or business contacts about our financial and other needs. Donations of equipment and money are desperately needed!

Share your network; tell us who we can approach to set up sites, sponsor sites, assist with office equipment and so much more! Every little bit helps!

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