This is how we roll

Step 1

A community facility (e.g. school, church, youth centrum, hospital, etc.) invites Willie Strydom (CEO, Rainbows South Africa) to address volunteers who may want to set up a site at their facility. Willie explains how the Rainbows concept works, the programmes and the requirements for setting up a site.

Step 2

With all the info in hand, the facility has up to two weeks to decide if they want to proceed with the setting up of a site. They determine their specific needs in terms of the number of volunteers required, where to host the group sessions, etc. After two weeks, the Rainbows office will contact them and arrange for the training of the facilitators and coordinators if they’ve decided to proceed.

Step 3

Willie trains the facilitators (6 hours) and the coordinators (a further 3 hours).

Step 4

The site is set up and the facilitators identify children who could benefit from the Rainbows programmes. They obtain permission form the children’s parents to enrol the children and commence with the 12 week programme.

Any child may participate at no cost from the age of 3 to 18. The groups gather once a week from 30 min (younger children) to 1 hour (youth). The facilitators will make the arrangements.

To find out about sites in your community or area contact the Rainbows office. We will also provide parents with material and advice to help and support their children during a time of loss.

Step 5

Rainbows is a non-profit organisation that provides all its services and materials free of charge. There are however costs involved in setting up and maintaining a site. Sad but true, where the need is highest, resources are at the lowest. You can assist us by Sharing your time, Sharing your purse or Sharing your network.